Missionary Update - RUN Global - Mike & Su Keator


Yesterday ten men stormed into a church and kidnapped two gospel workers in our network, Mamun, and Nur Nabi. Mamun has the long black beard in the photo above. He used to be a Muslim and Quran teacher in a Madrasa. After he put his faith in Jesus Christ he left the Madrasa to preach the gospel. He has been leading eight training groups. Yesterday morning, he and Nur Nabi were teaching in church when ten helmeted men stormed in and took them. We do not know their whereabouts or condition.  

This happened in Bogra, Bangladesh, just 4 hours away from where Su and I are now. We are praying and ready to do whatever we can to help them and their families.

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Please pray!

1. Pray for Mamun & Nur Nabi
2. Pray for their wives and children.
3. Pray for their captors.

Tammy Welford