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Nur Nabi is Free and Safe!

Dear Friends and Partners,
Our brother, Nur Nabi, is now free, and safe! God has heard your prayers!!!  He had been blindfolded, taken to a room somewhere, and held for two days, with no food, only water. They challenged him, "You have changed your religion, and now you are influencing others." They kept asking him for information. Finally they threatened him, "Don't let us see you in Sirajgunj again..." and left him blindfolded on the road. 

He overheard them say they were taking Mamun to the Manikganj district, near Dhakka, but that is all we know of his whereabouts. They let Nur Nabi go because Mamun was their target. Please continue to pray for Mamun's release. 

Jesus said, "I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. You will have suffering in this world. Be courageous! I have conquered the world."

Let's reach this world!

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Mamun Has Also Been Released!

I just received word that Mamun has been set free by his abductors. This is a miracle that God has worked through your prayers!!! I was told his abductors had beaten him, but he kept sharing to them from the Quran, chapter 4, that those who follow Isa al Masih (Jesus) will gain eternal life. (Chapter 4 also teaches that Mary was chosen by God to bear the Christ child, that His birth was announced by angels, and  that Jesus performed many miracles).  

His kidnappers threatened that if he continues to preach the gospel, they will kill him. After keeping him in seclusion with no food for more than three days, they let him go! 

Thank you all for praying! Prayer works because God listens! Thank you for standing with us in the battle.

Su and I have trained three networks of churches in Bangladesh in the last nine days. They responded enthusiastically and set goals to start many more groups. Our ministry is expanding rapidly and we anticipate great results in terms of souls saved and churches started. We will fly to Kathmandu on Monday to strengthen five teams there and help them become more fruitful. We need your prayers!
With love in Christ,

Mike and Su

Please pray!
1. Pray for Mamun and Nur Nabi to recover completely from the trauma.
2. Pray for their wives and children.
3. Pray for their captors to be saved.

Tammy Welford
Missionary Update - RUN Global - Mike & Su Keator

Yesterday ten men stormed into a church and kidnapped two gospel workers in our network, Mamun, and Nur Nabi. Mamun has the long black beard in the photo above. He used to be a Muslim and Quran teacher in a Madrasa. After he put his faith in Jesus Christ he left the Madrasa to preach the gospel. He has been leading eight training groups. Yesterday morning, he and Nur Nabi were teaching in church when ten helmeted men stormed in and took them. We do not know their whereabouts or condition.  

This happened in Bogra, Bangladesh, just 4 hours away from where Su and I are now. We are praying and ready to do whatever we can to help them and their families.

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Please pray!

1. Pray for Mamun & Nur Nabi
2. Pray for their wives and children.
3. Pray for their captors.

Tammy Welford
Living Hope Church has a new home

Hey Evergreen-
Our church plant to Rochester has some big news!

Living Hope Church has moved to Sundays at Schaeffer Academy! After meeting for several months on Wednesday nights at Crossroads College (and hosted by Bear Creek Church) Living Hope now has a spot to gather together on Sundays. Schaeffer Academy is a Christian school with a great reputation and has been very welcoming to Living Hope. The church is excited about it's new home, enthusiastic about the ways they can use it to be welcoming to new people and eager to see how God will use it to serve and share with their neighbors on the north east side of Rochester and the city as a whole. Find out more at:

Kathy Grunditz
Sending the new church plant in Rochester

Evergreen is partnering with Stonebrook Community Church to plant a new church in Rochester, MN this year. Most of the team has already moved there and is getting situated. Here are a few photos from the sending services on March 25th. Among those being sent are one of Evergreen Lakeville's founding pastors, Charlie Meyer and his wife Roxanne. You can pray for Evergreen Lakeville and Living Hope Church during this faith-filled year!

If you want to learn more about how Kingdom Builders is supporting the church plant, visit the Regional project goals in our Project Guide.

It's not too late to make your pledge for the 2018 year. 

Kathy Grunditz