Kingdom Builders

to the ends of the earth


Growing Global

Each year Kingdom Builders will have a different focus area. In 2019 the emphasis will be “the ends of the earth.”  While we will still support local and regional Gospel activities, this year we want to give extra to the important and timely work going on around the globe which is currently bearing much fruit. 


Investing for Eternity

Just like every good deed you do in Jesus’ name, every dollar you give to build God’s Kingdom is an investment that will pay dividends in heaven for all of eternity. Unlike investments you might make towards your retirement, there is a guaranteed and eternal payback for spiritual investments. In fact, the return on investment is incredible - it goes on forever!! 

When you invest for retirement you want to diversify your portfolio. Kingdom Builders is your diversified eternal portfolio...your everlasting mutual fund!  When you invest in Kingdom Builders you are... 


Church planting and leadership

Playing a part in church planting and multiplying Christian leadership


Reaching the Unreached

Those who have never heard the Gospel or the name “Jesus”


Investing in life

Helping people physically live better and spiritually gain eternal life


Caring for the poor

Caring for the physically poor AND the poor in spirit


2019 Goals

Our vision is to support specific location-driven initiatives while leveraging the strength of collaboration. The projects we've selected reflect our desire to live out Acts 1:8—bearing witness to the Gospel in our local community (Jerusalem), our region (Judea and Samaria), and around the world (ends of the earth). Kingdom Builders is an opportunity to participate in a vision that will transform our world. Each project on our list this year is designed to build God’s Kingdom beyond what our operating budget would allow.




Percentages represent 100% fulfillment of the goal.
Final distribution of the funds will be determined by the pastoral staff.

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Page through our project guide to learn more about our initiatives nearby and around world.




Be a Kingdom Builder